Our Ambitions

We want to make the Selby district a great place to do business, a great place to enjoy life and a great place to make a difference.

We don’t believe in people just working on one small bit of what we’re doing.  We expect people to work together across different parts of our business.  That means developing your skills and experience in lots of different ways.

If you’re ambitious to grow your career, and ambitious to help us grow our district, then Selby is the place for you.

Our Offices

Our main office is based in Selby town.  We moved here in 2011 as part of an innovative deal with the local NHS to secure local hospital services too. We’re both based on the same site. Later this year we’ll also welcome the Police to our civic centre, as it becomes a real hub for different public services for our area.

With easy road and rail access to the civic centre, plus free staff parking, our modern office space helps us to work well as one team for our district.

We’ve recently been through some big changes to the way we work, to make sure we’re putting resources to the things that matter most to our district. That’s why we’re investing in economic development, planning and transforming the way we do business. To support these ambitions we want to invest in the technology that we use and re-think the way we work. This is better for our customers and our staff.

Find out more about your top team

The new jobs we’re advertising are the next stage of a big change at the Council. We’ve made major changes to our management team over the past twelve months. Here’s your top team…


Chief Executive

Janet Waggott is Chief Executive of Selby District Council and Assistant Chief Executive for North Yorkshire County Council.  This joint position is part of the Better Together work between the two councils, helping us to be more effective and work more efficiently for our joint customers.

Dave Caulfield

Director of Place and Regeneration

Dave has a wealth of experience in planning, regeneration and place shaping from lots of different parts of the region.  This is a new part of the business for the Council, and Dave is building our resources to deliver on our investment goals.  

Julie Slatter

Director of Corporate Services

Julie has been focusing on how we’re working for our customers and how we’re making best use of technology to push through improvements and innovation.  Doing this, supports every aspect of what we do, how and when we do it.   


Karen Iveson

Chief Financial Officer

Strategic financial management enables us to invest in our priorities to make the district a great place to do business, a great place to enjoy life and a great place to make a difference, supported by us delivering great value.  This is a shared role with North Yorkshire County Council, in which Karen also acts as their Assistant Director of Strategic Resources for them.  


Gill Marshall

Solicitor to the Council

Gill’s team, which comprises legal services, democratic services, elections and licensing ensures that we’re opperating in line with legislation and regulation across everything we do.  This is also about supporting great governance to make sure we can deliver on our priority to make the Selby District a great place to do business, enjoy life and make a difference.

Here are the heads of service involved in the current recruitment…

James Cokeham

Strategic Planning, Policy and Economic Development

Economic development is a new function for the Council: that’s why we’re advertising for a range of jobs in this part of the business.  We have a new economic development strategy and are looking for ambitious and creative people to help deliver this. 

Stuart Robinson 

Business Development and Improvement

We’ve got a strong focus on investing in our IT and systems to improve the way we do things for our customers and for staff.  This isn’t just about upgrading what we already have, this is about thinking of innovative ways of doing things. 

June Rothwell

Head of Operational Services

The focus for this part of the business is to make sure that we’re delivering the highest quality services possible, in ways that are focused around the needs of our customers.  We apply these principles across everything.  This also includes looking at opportunities for income generation too.

Angela Crossland

Community, Partnerships and Customers

Working effectively with our community on the issues that we know matter most to people is a key to our success.  Angela’s team helps to maintain and develop relationships with people and organisations that can help us deliver on our ambitions.  This includes issues such as tourism and community safety.

Keith Cadman

Commissioning, Contracts and Procurement

Delivering great value for money supports everything we do, and enables us for focus investment on supporting growth.  A key focus for this part of the business is making sure we’ve got effective partnerships with our suppliers to make the most of each and every pound we spend.

Find out more about all of the Council’s management team.

There are lots of reasons why we think the Selby district is a great place to be.

Here’s a list of current vacancies.  Keep checking back for the latest updates.